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Espresso & Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

October 7, 2009

Tomorrow, I am headed to North Cackalacky (North Carolina for those not in the know) to watch my old roommate get hitched.  Tonight, we are going to stay with some friends who live in a city with cheaper flight tickets, and I thought they’d like some nice cookies in exchange for being so nice and letting us stay at their place.

Chocolate and its friend, Butter

These are originally Dorie Greenspan’s Espress0-Chocolate Shortbread Cookies, but I found them on Smitten Kitchen. They are definitely a treat, because they are so yummy.  I actually stuck to the recipe for once, which calls for instant espresso and bittersweet chocolate, and it was worth it.  These might be the go-to gift cookies, as long as the giftee likes coffee.

Peeling back the Ziploc

And since I’m going down South, I promise to bring back some pics of beautiful Southern food (as in, Bojangles! which they don’t have in Kentucky).

Coffee & Shortbread

Check out the cookie recipe here: Smitten Kitchen.  This recipe was awesome because of the no-mess way to roll out the cookie dough – in a Ziploc bag!

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  1. November 14, 2009 2:30 am

    these look fabulous

  2. lapyles permalink*
    January 11, 2010 8:34 pm

    Thanks! They just melt in your mouth.

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