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Thanksgiving (American version)!

December 1, 2009

Since I couldn’t be home for Thanksgiving (where I roll up with maybe one dish, sit back, relax and enjoy the whole day), I decided I would cook myself and a few other people the whole Thanksgiving shabang.  Ok really, I was just cooking for myself because I wanted some Thanksgiving goodness. But I did invite a couple of other people to be nice about it 🙂

Thanksgiving Menu:
Turkey using Alton Brown’s brine

The turkey turned out rather well, except I realized as I was putting the turkey into the oven that I didn’t have any canola oil. Hence, the lack of a nice brown glaze on the turkey. Other than that, Alton didn’t steer me wrong. In fact, multiple family members who doubted me when I said I didn’t have the turkey in the oven early on T-day had nothing to worry about. The 2-2.5 hour cooking time was perfect.
Wild Mushroom Dressing

This was one I wasn’t sure about, because it doesn’t resemble the dressing of my youth (and no, I didn’t stuff the turkey with it. I followed Alton’s aromatics instruction).  It turned out alright, even if it didn’t make me nostalgic for the shaped balls of Stouffers-like dressing of my childhood. Oh, and I added a bread crumb crust to it.

Green Beans & Leeks

As the “healthy alternative,” this recipe is easy and good enough to repeat for any time of the year.

Cheese Grits

Famous family recipe (or off the box) that I’ll publish at a later date.

Those buttermilk biscuits that were part of an early post on the blog.

Giblet Gravy

That’s right, I went for the whole giblet gravy, at the request of the Canadian. The thing is, Canadians don’t really do the whole Thanksgiving thing. I mean, they might get together for a big family meal, but they don’t have all the fixins per se. So when I asked the Canadian if he wanted giblet gravy, and he said yes, he didn’t really know what he was saying yes to.  The Canadian ended up eating some, but then stopped to ponder what giblet gravy really was and well, that ruined it for him. I don’t really like gravy, although I don’t mind the giblets (sans gizzard), so I didn’t partake. Now we have a whole bowl full of giblet gravy if anyone wants it.

Dessert: I’m saving the best for last, to come at a later post.

As you can see, I tried to be a bit Southern with my Thanksgiving, especially because my family usually has yeast rolls and not biscuits on T-day.  And despite cooking mainly for myself, I think the guests liked everything too.

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