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Costa Rica & Gallo Pinto

January 11, 2011

Well it’s the new year and time to go back to simple things after divulging in excess during the holiday season. Or at least that’s what I try to do.

Part of the excess of our holiday season was a trip to the beautiful Costa Rica with my grad school roommate and her tico husband. In that spirit, I made gallo pinto, the Costa Rican rice and beans dish and it was simple but delicious. If only the fruit were so fresh and there were fried plantains on the side.

Gallo pinto is very customizable. If cumin and Tabasco aren’t your thing, then throw them out and use chile powder or something else. Since I can’t find fresh cilantro around these parts these days, I got a jar of some freeze-dried cilantro. It was alright, but nothing like fresh. Can’t wait to try this later in the year. I also added some crumbled bacon onto the top of the dish for garnish, on advice from this blog: Kitchen Confidante.

The other big news is that Southern Transplant will become, as of this post, somewhat of a wedding blog. That’s right! The Canadian and I are engaged and thinking about Spring 2012 for the impending nuptials. So the blog will be able to keep everyone in the loop wedding-wise, as I’m planning a hometown ceremony in Kentucky, but planning long distance. Get ready for some GTs (good times, if ya didn’t know)!

Gallo Pinto

2 tbsp oil
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1/2 green pepper (or yellow, red, orange if you want to jazz it up), finely chopped
1 can of black beans, drained but do not toss the juice
4 cups cooked rice
cilantro, to taste
Tabasco sauce, to taste
cumin, to taste
salt and pepper

Fry the onion and pepper in oil over medium heat until the onions are translucent. Add the can of black beans and fry for a couple of minutes, switching to low heat. Add the rice and some of the leftover black bean juice and stir to combine. Turn off the burner, mix in spices and serve warm.

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