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Appointments, Appointments

February 22, 2011

This week, we are headed back to Kentucky “officially” start the planning and I am pumped. I think the Canadian is excited, but more pumped about the warmer weather and the food, as per usual. We are going to a food tasting, so I’m sure he’s even more excited than usual.

We’ve got appointments for venues, photographers and dress shopping. No Canadians allowed that last one, but my mom, sister and niece are joining in the fun. My niece, in particular, will be excited about all the “princess” type events – she loves Disney princesses! I’m pretty pumped to actually start planning. There will probably be some squealing involved for the entire weekend.

Meanwhile, we have been up here in the cold, doing winter things, including going to the Festival du Voyageur. The festival celebrates the French settlers who came to Manitoba and all of their unique traditions (yes, there is still a Franco community here in Manitoba – they’re not just all in Quebec!). So there’s a snow carving competition, in which teams come from all over the world to compete. There’s also sledding and various games for the kids. And, of course, the amazing food – including poutine, split pea soup, mini donuts and my new favorite, maple snow taffy. Unfortuantely, I neglected my food pic duties (actually, my camera phone decides that sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not), so I only have some pics of snow carvings. He-ho, indeed!

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